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Integrity Policy: BE Group’s website www.begroup.com

This integrity policy is concerned with www.begroup.com (below called “the website”) and this domain’s associated sites. Your integrity is protected when you are visiting BE Group on the web and this policy describes how your personal data is managed when you visit us. Please read this integrity policy through before you continue to use the website. If you do not approve of this policy we assume that you leave the website. 

The management of personal data

The website is mainly concerned with providing information and does not require you as a visitor to leave any personal data. However, when you visit the website BE Group might need to collect contact information that you give to us voluntarily. BE Group might need to collect this data in order to provide services, goods or to send information or material that you require from BE Group via the website. BE Group also collects information about how you communicate with the website, and that information can be linked to the personal data that BE Group has about you. The personal data that BE Group collects via the website is being used for the following purposes:

· Analysis of the traffic on the website

· Administration and development of the website

· Improvement and development of our products and services

· Advertisement and personal communication 


A cookie is a small file that the website you are visiting saves on your computer. There are different kinds of cookies, they are all described below, and most websites use them. All cookies that our website uses are used in order to improve your customer experience. They are not used to store sensitive information with the purpose of registering your behavior, or for any other purpose that could harm your integrity or safety.

Session cookies. While you are visiting our website, session cookies are being temporarily stored in your computer’s memory e.g. to keep track of the chosen language. Session cookies generally disappear when you close your browser.  

Persistent cookies. This type of cookie saves a file on your computer for a longer time period. It is e.g. used for functions like remembering what sites you are visiting.

Third-party cookies. Third-party cookies are used to complete our website with services and content from reliable partners and suppliers, e.g. Google Analytics.

If you do not want to receive cookies your browser can be set to inactivate them. However, inactivating cookies can affect the website’s utility and ability to personalize content. 


By visiting the website and leave your personal data to BE Group you approve of your personal data being used according to this integrity policy. As stated above, cookies are being used on our website and if you do not want to receive cookies your browser can be set to inactivate them. This is generally done in the settings or tools section of your browser. 

Protection of data

BE Group aims to protect your personal data by having a high level of security concerning the information we process. We do not transfer your personal data outside BE Group or our partners. You have the right to know what personal data belonging to you BE Group manages. You also have the right to contact BE Group and review your personal data. Within reasonable limits, BE Group will correct and delete personal data at your request. 

Contact with BE Group

If you have any questions regarding this integrity policy or if you want to edit any personal data that BE Group processes about you, please do not hesitate to contact: integrity@begroup.com

Third-party websites

The website can contain links to other websites (third-party). BE Group takes no responsibility for the content or safety in these third-party websites. 


BE Group reserves the right to revise this policy and we therefore ask you to read it through in connection with the occasions that you visit the website.